Monday, June 23, 2008

Something Out Of Place

So a friend of mine recently suggested that I write a few words on the topic of having something on your face. Everyone has had the embarrassing experience of having a prominent booger in our nose or a swash of mayonnaise on our upper lip or something along those lines. Anyone saying they’ve never experienced this is a liar.

But the question is this - are you the kind of person that would tell someone that they have something out of place on their face... or would you let them remain in their ignorant state?

I have a friend and I consider him one of my best. He always tells me when I’ve got something on my face. That’s the sign of a true friend - they’ll tell you about something before it turns into a social shame.

Let us all be more considerate of our fellow man and let them know when they’ve got something on the facial region of their epidermis.

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