Friday, September 26, 2008

What would life be like without bags?

A friend of mine and I were coming out of a store today. As he looked into his plastic bag to make sure he had all of his purchases, he made an observation so obvious that it was genius. "Dude, bags are wonderful." How right you are, my friend.

What would life be like without bags of any sort? Can you imagine the trainwreck that would result in the back seat of your car from grocery shopping? I cringe to think.

How about getting through a day at school without a bag in which to put all your pens, pencils, sharpeners, post-it notes, calculators, chap stick, books, binders, or any other education based knick-knack? Yikes.

What about your bag lunches in elementary school? I guarantee you that your tuna fish sandwich would not have been as wholesome and delicious as you remember had it not been neatly and lovingly placed in a sandwich sized plastic ziplock bag.

Harry the heart transplant recipient I'm sure would love to throw his two cents-worth in on this subject since the heart that's pumping his blood could not have survived if it were not for the specially designed plastic bags that in which organs are delivered. Yeah, think about that one for a while...

Yep, bags are neat.