Monday, June 16, 2008


Skateboarding is wonderful. All lame stereotypes, preconceived notions, and prejudices aside, skating is great and this is why.

I love how there aren't any coaches or people there to tell me that I'm skating incorrectly; not like most sports where there are solidified techniques in everything you do.

I love how it's more of a solo thing; how you don't necessarily need anyone there to skate with. I've always been more of a loner anyway, so I guess that has a lot to do with why I love it so much.

I love how all I need is a small piece of asphalt or concrete. No nets, baskets, bases, goals, mitts, sticks or end zones.

I love how everything can look cool. A kickturn. A powerslide. An air off a bank. The best skateboarders have so much control and fluidity that technicality takes a back seat.

I love how there are consequences. I love how that if I don't commit to something, I pay a price in the flesh. That sounds morbid but the feeling you get after doing something that could potentially send you to the hospital is a pretty good feeling. It's like you've looked a lion straight in the eyes and lived to tell about it.

I love that I love skating. I love that my dream is not to pay the bills with skateboarding. I love that skating is my therapeutic answer to stress or a tough situation. Some people go for a run. Some people paint. I skate. If I go too long without it, I honestly feel like something is missing.

I love how people think I'm too old for this kind of thing. My dad recently asked me how I got a cut on my shin. When I told him that it was from skateboarding, he rolled his eyes, cussed, and walked away. I just laughed. I'll be skating for a long time yet.

I love how you can take something that is nothing but thought into something real. You can say to yourself "Hey, look at that. I think I can do that." And you can go do it. You can make a thought reality in a matter of seconds if you want it bad enough.

These are a few reasons why I love skateboarding. Hopefully this helps you understand us a bit better.

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