Sunday, June 15, 2008

Identity Crisis

So I think I've noticed something about how people choose to present themselves. Or maybe I'm just stating the obvious and only think it's an original thought. Either way, I'll put it out and see what you think.

It's interesting when someone you know starts listening to a new genre of music and you notice their image gradually starts to change. Have you ever noticed that? I knew this girl in junior high. She and I ran track together. Smart girl. Somewhat sporty. Whatever. Then she got introduced to skinhead punk rock. Before you know it, she had buzzed her head, was sporting the jean jacket with the anti-racsim propaganda pins, and was kicking around in the 20-eye Dr. Martens boots. I can't think of a better example for the point I'm trying to make than that.

This is also evident here at BYU-I. Skinny jeans, Vans classics, thick rimmed glasses, and a whole host of other fashion statements are being made. But why? I believe the answer is more than the oversimplified response of "Oh, it's just the newest trend." I think music is playing a huge role in the reinvention of so many kids' "identities". And it's time for it to stop.

I like The Misfits. Songs about werewolves and burning witches at the stake is pretty sweet. But just because I like a particular band doesn't mean I have to start playing a 24/7 game of dress-up. Can you imagine if everyone that likes Motley Crue started roaming the streets in the same getups that the band wears on stage? I can. And it's an incredibly ridiculous image. I see more subtle examples of this everyday.

Girls especially. Your boyfriend likes Death Cab. That means you like Death Cab. Because you like Death Cab, you have to dress like a girl that likes Death Cab. Whatever clothes you have right now...yeah, they don't support/indentify your new found musical taste. Your vocabulary and mannerisms have to change, too.


Get real.

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