Friday, June 13, 2008

My Kind Of Party

I just got back from a "party" that some kids were throwing here at BYU-I. In all honesty, it was laughable. The girls that were looking for an excuse to dress up like skanks had it. The dudes that wanted to show off their summer sales car got their big chance. But I think the most ridiculous thing I saw was a bunch of dudes dressed up in cowboy outfits with matching bandannas. That was cute. They didn't really fit in at this particular party, but I'm sure there would be some bars in Seattle or San Francisco that would greet them with open arms.

Every time I hear that there is a party somewhere, I get excited, thinking that this one will actually be cool. Nope. They all suck and I'll tell you why: the people that throw these parties take themselves way too seriously and try to be exactly what this school isn't. There are no frats. There is no beer. There are no drugs. There is no promiscuity. Well, at least you signed something saying that you wouldn't participate in bringing stuff like that here. If you are, you've got bigger things to worry about than being seen at a party.

I thought for a while about what is wrong with every party that I've ever been to and this is what I came up with. I'm sure I'll think of more points to add about five seconds after posting this, but whatever...

The following is what I would consider the perfect party.

  • Either a standard place that everyone is familiar with or a new and cool location. Two summers ago, some friends had a barbecue on an island in the middle of Fall River. That was sweet.
  • Music. This is obvious. But N'Sync(or anything Top 40 for that matter) will never have a place at my parties. I get psyched hearing new stuff or cool older material. Yeah, I guess it's cool to be able to sing along with whatever's playing but I think it's time we get over the idea that a party is only cool if you can sing along. I know I'm over it. Share the wealth Out with the old and in with the new.
  • Cool People. I wish there was a better way to regulate this than my internal cool-o-meter, but alas, there is not. I wouldn't care if a bunch of people showed up to my party that I didn't know. In fact, that's the whole point - to have a lot of people there. I just hate it when people have chips on their shoulders and think the rest of us owe them something for gracing the party with their presence. Or equally lame is when they show up and start yelling or saying something obscenely obnoxious like "THE PARTY'S HERE!" Yeah, hate that.
  • Escorted dismissal of the non-cool. We've all been around them. Dudes and dudettes that are just plain problematic. They hate the world and looking for some kind of a release, thinking they can cause a ruckus at the party and get away with it. These individuals have no place at my parties.
  • Something else to offer aside from either standing around or dancing. Yes, dancing and socializing are important to the vibe of the party. But what if I don't want to dance and I don't want to sit around looking like an incompetent? This is where you do some outside research and find other things to offer the party-goers. Badminton, a butcher paper canvas for people to write on, a raffle... you get the idea.
  • A party that even a non-party-goer could enjoy. I really don't know what to write here. All I know is that I see lots of people show up that could enjoy a party here at BYU-I but the vibe just isn't for them. I know that's how I feel; I've left nearly every party I've been to after about twenty minutes because it's just not my vibe. I challenge you to honestly ask yourself if the party you're attending is something you're really enjoying. The answer will more than likely surprise you.
So yeah, those are my thoughts on parties. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Matt, Can I get an Amen. There is nothing better then a hand full of dudes dressing up the same, and announcing by way of dress that they are straight. Not true they all have homo tendency's. You may ask the question why, and I'll tell you. Girls are the only one's aloud to match, and they only do on occasion to show that they are in a group. If any guys where to pull this stunt it show weakness, and lack of individuality something that the male sex thrives off of. If he submits himself to such an act of fallowing a group he is bound to it never being able to find his true self, aways fallowing the crowd. It a sad thing

Eli said...

I agree! Some parties are naturally more awkward then others. And I don't think it can be blamed on the people there, rather then just the ambiance of the party.

I'm a huge believer that the party needs to be loud, BUT, there either needs to be a place where you can talk or not too loud that you're just standing there looking around feeling like an idiot for a few hours.

Good post Matt!

Heidi said...

I'll chip in the extra cash for the non-cool bouncers if needed...

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ok, it is probably uncool for some dorky ex-girlfriend to comment on your blog-- in fact i feel a little like a middle-aged woman trying to contribute in a cool college class or something- but i had to say that i saw you had a blog from your facebook page and it is hilarious and candid and smart. way to be. keep up the honesty. i left rexburg a long time ago and these little rants and observations bring up some hilarious memories from my 3 fish-out-of-water semesters there.