Sunday, June 8, 2008

I hate longboarders.

So yesterday I was sitting at a four way stop getting ready to make a right hand turn. I consider myself to be a pretty good driver, not prone to crappy driving like so many people on the roads these days. So being the good driver that I am, I look right and then look left and then proceed to inch my way into the right turn that I needed to make. Whoever the kid was, he was damn lucky that I didn't gun it into the turn because he rolled out into the street on a longboard and was skating down the street toward me in the left hand lane. So not only was this kid skating down the middle of a busy street, but in the oncoming lane! I swore. But this is what really fried my egg: he just blew through the stop signs at the four way stop where I was sitting in my car. I'm not gonna go off on what I should have done because it won't change a thing. I just hope that other reckless dipsticks that like to call themselves longboarders read this and get a clue.

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Matt said...

I hate those guys too. I love riding my longboard but those a-holes ruin the whole thing.